Sunnybrook (SUN)

1116 Leslie St., Toronto, Ontario
Driving Directions
Follow the DVP and exit at Eglinton Ave. westbound. Proceed to Leslie St. and turn right (north). The park entrance is immediately on your left, 50m from Eglinton. Upon entering the park, follow the main road all the way to the end (stay right at the first fork). The road is quite long and winds through the park, past several parking lots & picnic areas, past the stables, up a hill and into the open.
Parking Details
For the field hockey fields, use the parking lot at the end of the road (hidden in the woods). For the cricket fields, use the parking lots on either side of the road at the top of the hill. For the rubgy fields or greenspace, you can park in the lower lot (see the map for location) and climb the stairs, or fight for space with people headed to the cricket fields.
Transit Directions
Take the subway to Eglinton station and take any bus (i.e. 34+, 51, 54+, or 100) eastbound along Eglinton Ave. Get off at Leslie St. and cross the street to the park entrance. At the bottom of the hill, where the park road curves left (west) there is a path through the woods to the playing fields. If you cannot find this shortcut, display a disc conspicuously while walking along the road, in the hope that a fellow player will stop and offer you a lift. It is a long, long hike.
The pavilion that is on the north side of the field (adjacent to Cricket North) has public washrooms.
Special Instructions
The field hockey fields are located at the very end of the park road.

The rugby fields can accomodate two narrow ultimate fields each.

There are three fields north of the road on the cricket pitch. Fields North 1 and North 2 should be set up on the west side of the cricket pitch strip and field North 3 on the east side of the strip.