Facilities List

All teams must respect the following rules for all fields. Note that some facilities have additional restrictions listed that must also be followed.

If fields are lost due to the actions of a particular player or team, they will be removed from the league.

There is also a map of all fields available.

Facility Actions


Facility A [grass] View
Facility B [grass] View


Broadacres JS [grass] ViewLayout
G. Ross Lord [grass] ViewLayout
Keelesdale Park [grass] ViewLayout
Norfinch Park [grass] ViewLayout


April Rink1 [grass] View
Dlite Facility [grass] ViewLayout
Facility 6 [grass] View
Facility 7 [grass] View
Facility 9 [grass] View
Facility B [ice] View
Facility C [ice] View
Facility4 [ice] View
Facility5 [snow] View
Facility6 [ice] View
Facilitya [ice] ViewLayout
Facilityb [ice] View
Facilityc [ice] View
Facilityd [ice] View
Facilitye [ice] View
Facilityf [ice] View
Facilityg [ice] View
Facilityh [ice] View
Facilityi [ice] View
Facilityj [ice] View
Facilityk [ice] View
Facilityl [ice] View
Facilitym [ice] View
Field New Place California [grass] ViewLayout
Forest Manor [grass] ViewLayout
Hockey [concrete] View
Its 2019 [ice] View
MXB Facility [grass] View
Neil McNeil HS [grass] ViewLayout
New Rink for 100 [grass] ViewLayout
Parkway Forest Park [grass] ViewLayout
Rink Kastech1 [ice] View
Rink One [ice] View
Sunnybrook [grass] ViewLayout
Swedish Rink1 [grass] View
Test 2019 [grass] View
Test Field [grass] View
Test Open [snow] View
Test1 [grass] View
Usah [grass] View
Warwick HS [turf] View